Car Spare Key: The History Of Car Spare Key In 10 Milestones

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It doesn’t matter if dropped your car key while shopping, or put it away while you were getting your coffee. Keep a spare key and check the areas you like to leave your keys prior to going out.

Grocery stores such as Save Mart and H-E-B have self-service key duplication equipment that can duplicate house keys, and sometimes car keys and key fobs. For more information on the process and current key prices, visit their website.

Valet Keys

Valet keys are a kind of car key that permits the vehicle to be operated but it isn’t able to unlock a trunk or glove box. They are typically a less expensive alternative to a standard replacement key. They are typically employed by hotel valet parking attendants as well as repair shop mechanics to gain access to a customer’s vehicle. They can be used by private parties to gain access to a car if the remote key fob battery fails to function.

The main reason for having valet keys is to prevent theft. It is not unusual for valet parking attendants to take cars of customers for joy rides, and the valet key could act as a deterrent to make it difficult for thieves to take the vehicle. Valet keys can also be useful for those who frequently leave valuables in their car glovebox or boot.

Modern valet keys have remained in the original function of the older locks and can open a driver’s door but not the lock on the central console or the trunk. Some high-end luxury vehicles also include features that improve the security of the valet key, such as a restricted power output. This will prevent the vehicle from being started without the engine turning off.

These features are a great starting point but the valet key comes with drawbacks. For instance, some criminals are aware of the limitations of these keys and are able to use an crowbar to force them open. Some valet keys also have weaker locks as compared to the standard replacement key fobs.

In some instances, the valet key may not function as intended in particular if it’s been dropped or damaged. The key may stop working suddenly and the owner will have to contact a professional locksmith to replace it. In the case of a malfunctioning key it is crucial to have a spare.

If you are in need of an additional car key or have lost your Attendant Key, visit your local Mister Minit store to have a duplicate made. It is a good idea to have the YEAR and MAKE MODEL of your vehicle in hand when you visit to request the replacement.

Traditional Keys

Traditional keys are simple at the edges, and are easy for locksmiths create. They do not come with an electronic transponder, which means they do not require the use of encoding. They are usually made of brass or nickel, making them more robust and durable. They are also able to withstand rough usage and handling.

Having a spare key can keep you from losing your car and going through the trouble of changing the key. Keep one separate from your keychain to make it easy to locate. You can even leave it with a family member you are confident to drive your car in the event that you lock yourself out.

The majority of hardware stores and national home improvement chains offer key duplication services for affordable prices. KeyMe is typically available at these stores. It allows you to easily duplicate your keys that you have in mere minutes. Visit their website to locate a store near you. Some of them make key fobs to cars with push button start.

It is best to make a call prior to going to a shop that offers these services. You can also search online to find out what kind of keys they are capable of making. Some locksmiths may not be able make keys for high security locks.

If you have an electronic key, you’ll have to purchase an alternative from the dealership. Before they can create you a new key they’ll need to confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle. To do this, they’ll need evidence of ownership such as the registration or title.

If you have an old key, you can go to an auto parts store or locksmith. Both will be able to make an exchange key quickly and at a cost that is reasonable. They’ll be able to duplicate your original key or in a position to give you an uncut key that can be programmed to match the car’s system. You will have to know the year and make and model of your car to be able to get an extra key made.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are electronic microchips embedded in the head. This is different from traditional keys that use metal contacts to open the lock or start the vehicle. When the key is turned on, this microchip sends a low-level signal. The signal is an identification number that corresponds to the key code stored in your vehicle’s computer. When the correct code is found the immobilizer in your car disarms, allowing the engine to begin.

In addition to providing greater security, transponder keys make it harder to duplicate your car keys. In fact, some vehicles won’t start if the wrong type of key is used (except for non-transponder keys). They are therefore the best option if are looking to reduce the chance of your car being taken or copied.

If you lose your car transponder chip keys or if you lose them, it’s crucial to have a replacement key made as soon as possible. Many automotive locksmiths are able to replace your key fob, or design an uncut switchblade key that can be paired with your original key.

Transponder key replacements can be costly However, they are usually less expensive than having your car towing after a theft. It’s also less time-consuming than going to a dealership.

In addition to being able to replace your broken or lost keys an automotive locksmith may repair damaged ignitions and other components in your vehicle. They can also make duplicate keys for a variety of makes and models of cars, so they are an excellent choice if you need a new spare or lost yours.

It’s important to keep your spare car key in a safe place, not attached to your keychain. This will prevent you from getting it lost or misplaced as well as aid in finding your car in case you’re in a rush. If you’re worried about leaving your spare key in a public area, you can keep it hidden under the dashboard or in a secret compartment in your car.

Remote Keys

In modern vehicles, a key fob is required in addition to the traditional keys for cars made of metal. Key fobs look more like a smartphone rather than a car key. Key fobs can unlock and lock your car by pressing one button. You can also start your car remotely.

Some cars offer the option to “summon” your car with a single button press similar to Tesla’s summon feature. This is a great option for those who need to squeeze into a tight parking space.

Sometimes, keys to cars stop working at the worst possible moment. You might be at a gas station, en route to pick up some groceries, or perhaps driving home after an exhausting day. You put your keys down for a second and then realize you forgot to carry a spare key with you. This can be frustrating! Luckily, a majority of our stores can repair and make new key replacements right on the spot.

If your car is equipped with a remote key, it has an embedded chip that must be programmed. The majority of Mister Minit’s locations have the equipment needed to duplicate your transponder keys. We can duplicate your transponder key while you are waiting. It usually takes less than 30 minutes. There is plenty of time to do errands before picking keys.

You’ll require bringing your current keys in order to have it duplicated at one of our stores. We will require the YEAR, MAKE and MODEL of your vehicle to duplicate the correct key/fob for your specific vehicle.

If you are having trouble with your car keys, or if you’re looking to have a spare key made to keep you safe, visit your local Mister Minit store today. We have the equipment and expertise to create an extra key that will last for a lifetime. Keep it secure!

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