Organo Gold Review – Who Owns Organo Gold?

  • Organo Gold Review – Who Owns Organo Gold?
  • //”>Organo Gold started in Richmond British Columbia in 2008. Two entrepreneurs named Bernie Chua, and Shane Morand shared a common passion for wellness and coffee. They wanted to create a beverage combining premium coffee’s invigorating flavor with the potential health advantages of Ganoderma Lucidum mushrooms, revered by Eastern cultures for centuries.
  • Bernardo Chua
  • Bernardo Chua’s passion for herbal medicine is evident in his //”>Organo Gold product line that contains Ganoderma, also known as Reishi mushrooms. Organo Gold has a variety of coffee and health product collections that contain Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a mushroom with many therapeutic benefits.
  • The company’s products are sold worldwide by an independent distributor network. Their product range includes tea, green and black teas, grape seed oils, nutritional powders, and body care products. There is also organic coffee, cafe mocha and health and wellness programs available for distributors.
  • Chua has a remarkable career, even though he never achieved his dream of becoming a doctor. He is a specialist in Chinese herbs and multilevel marketing. A self-made, family-related businessman who entered the global nutrition supplements industry. His success made him an international leader.
  • bolder”>He works with some top producers of organic ganoderma in the world, to provide affordable products. He also funds research on Ganoderma, which gives him a competitive edge when new breakthroughs are made.
  • Chua devotes the majority of his attention and //”>premix coffee with ganoderma extract energy to perfecting the business model for his company and producing quality products. To make his vision of making the world a better place come true, he assembled an exceptional team comprised of business leaders and health specialists – helping create an internationally-recognized brand recognized across 35+ countries.
  • Chua has continued his business strategy of expanding to new markets while continuously improving offerings. Most recently, he has opened a new branch in Turkey, to capitalize upon the growing demand for gourmet coffee.
  • Shane Morand
  • Shane Morand possesses an extensive background in leadership and personal development. His passion is helping others achieve their goals and building global businesses. Shane’s success as the founding CEO of //”>Organo Gold is well known. He was also awarded the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medalist.
  • Shane is best known for his work on //”>Organo Gold but he has been involved in many other projects and endeavors. These include starting and managing several successful companies as well as writing books and contributing regularly to Entrepreneur. He is also a gifted speaker, having given numerous seminars on networking and leadership.
  • //”>Organo Gold, a gourmet functional-coffee company founded in 2008, uses Ganoderma spores to produce its products. Organo Gold operates in over 50 countries around the world. The company’s flagship gourmet product is Ganoderma-infused coffee.
  • //”>Organo Gold is a collection of teas & health supplements that contain Ganoderma spores. They are designed to improve health, fitness, mental alertness, and energy levels. Available as capsules, shakes or coffee.
  • //”>Organo Gold has not been widely known but has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Their unique business model and product has allowed them to reach a large market of consumers. They are now a dominant force in functional coffee and are poised to expand further in the future.
  • bolder”>No matter whether or not you plan to join Organo Gold, its compensation plan is well worth exploring. The bonus pool is available to high ranking leaders. Organo Gold has a lot to offer anyone who wants to make some money online.
  • Holton Buggs
  • Holton Buggs has been a leading figure in the network marketing industry for many years. He is responsible for establishing a platform where multiple millionaires have emerged. He has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. He has a wealth of industry knowledge to share, and he has a business strategy that emphasizes customer service and technology. Holton created an award-winning business system that empowers distributors of all sizes to achieve success and thrive, despite the odds.
  • italic”>Buggs’ network marketing career spans more than thirty years. He was brought up by a mother who was a lone parent and managed his finances by selling popcorn and cutting hair to make ends met. After graduating with an engineering degree from the university, he tried network marketing and succeeded! In short order he built up a large downline and amassed substantial wealth; inspiring many along his journey as well as becoming multimillionaire! His story continues inspire many people; today, Buggs has become an industry icon!
  • He is a respected leader and serial-entrepreneur with a stellar record. He is known for his integrity and his transparency. His commitment to the company led him to serve as its CEO and Board of Directors.
  • bolder”>Buggs has an in-depth knowledge of Organo Gold products’ science. He is committed to ensuring distributors receive their payments promptly and why organic coffee is better to delivering first-class quality. Buggs is an outstanding network marketing leader. He has achieved numerous achievements in the industry and speaks frequently at conferences and seminar.
  • //”>Organo Gold has a solid company despite recent controversy. They offer quality products and have a good compensation plan. They have also successfully expanded into new countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia in 2012. Their success can be attributed their dedicated team who have decades of experience in the direct sales industry.
  • Jay Noland
  • italic”>Jay Noland, a renowned figure in the industry of network marketing, is well-known. He has built large sales organizations that span multiple countries. He is also a highly sought-after speaker, who has addressed tens of thousands of people on multiple continents. Jay is a role model for our industry.
  • //”>Organo Gold produces gourmet coffees that use Ganoderma Lucidum as a way to increase the health benefit of their products. They also spread the word about this beneficial plant around. Their product line includes black tea, chocolate, and coffee.
  • Distributors are recognized for their efforts with an exclusive compensation program. Additionally, they offer educational tools to help expand your business. They also offer a safe environment online so that members can easily manage their business.
  • FTC accusations show that Noland lied about his income to lure consumers in a different pyramid scheme, Netforce Seminars. Their TRO papers also allege he utilized similar strategies when promoting SBH.
  • Since 2008, this company has grown from its humble roots into offices across North America. Their products are now available in Australia, Austria, Belgium Germany, Japan Spain Taiwan and their own website. They also have plans to expand further in the near future.
  • //”>Organo Gold offers more than just their flagship product; they also provide various supplements designed to boost energy and overall wellness. You can purchase these in tablet form online or at local retailers – both are accessible. The company offers a variety of supplements designed to improve vitality.
  • The products of this company, though not scientifically validated, have been proven to be effective in treating certain conditions. Their website features a list of these conditions as well as testimonials from satisfied customers; however, before taking this supplement it is wise to speak with your physician first.
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